PART EIGHT, 25 March 2024

Queensland Cyber Police (Finally) Investigating my Case – Australia

As of 8 March 2024, the Queensland Cyber Police in Brisbane, Australia, are (finally) investigating my case against South African businessman and tech entrepreneur, Andy Miszewski. The investigation is being led by Detective Senior Constable, Nial Hassell. Cyber criminal Miszewski lives in Cape Town.

What prompted the Queensland Cyber Police to finally investigate my case? I am unsure. It could be:

1. Due to my persistence, my repeated emails, phone calls and letters to the Office of the Queensland Minister for Police, Mark Ryan, and to the Queensland Cyber Police.

2. Due to the fact the Queensland Labor Government is under threat of losing the state in the next elections as a result of failing to deal with youth crime plus violent, cyber stalking and coercive control crimes against women perpetrated by their partners or ex-partners.

3. Due to increased media and film interest in crimes against women including stalking and cyberstalking in Australia and worldwide. Not to be investigating, or not to be seen investigating, a case as severe as mine could add to the pile of criticism being levied against the embattled Australian Police.

4. Due to the frequency, intensity and severity of Andy Miszewski’s cybercrimes including cyber sabotage to the equipment and operations at the Maroochydore Public Library and QScan Radiology Maroochydore, both of which are detailed in Part Seven of this blog. 

5. Due to other possible factors of which I am unaware.

Whatever the reason, I am extremely grateful it is now being investigated.

There is a long list of passive bystanders who have knowledge about, and who have witnessed, Andy Miszewski’s execution of cybercrimes including his wife, Dominique Miszewski, and daughters Alex Miszewski, Sophie Miszewski and Lucy Miszewski, as well as employees at companies he owns. They are tacit accomplices.

When IOL, the Independent Online part of the Independent Media Group in South Africa, became aware of the extent of Miszewski’s cybercrimes they elected not to be a tacit accomplice. On 1 December 2023, IOL terminated their association with Miszewski by ending their media partnership with his Web hosting company, 1-grid.

Back in February 2022, Cape Town law firm Bernadt Vukic Potash and Getz (BVPG) fired Miszewski, their longstanding client for whom they had previously gone out on a limb. Despite being a lucrative client, he had, by his ongoing crimes, become a liability, too much a reputational risk, for a firm of commercial and property attorneys. BVPG Attorneys – Cape Town South Africa

Kent Darro and the accountants at Horwath Zeller Karro, part of the Crowe Horwath International network, have, for now, stuck with Miszewski as a client despite knowing about his cybercrimes. For now, that is… Home | Crowe in Southern Africa

In addition, the SPAR supermarket group that operates in South Africa and internationally, including in Australia, is, according to Miszewski’s Riveroak Trading website, continuing to do business with him – for now, that is.

SPAR – One of the largest retailers across Southern Africa.

Riveroak Trading – Wholesale Importers and Distributors

When they learn about his tirade of cybercrimes, the South African and Australian Police case files, and probably conduct their own due diligence, that will change. Last year, the SPAR supermarket group in South Africa invested more than R7-million (about AU$700,000) into initiatives to address GBV (gender-based violence) and physical and psychological abuse against women.

SPAR Group pumps R7 million into GBV-prevention efforts | City Press (

FNB Fiduciary, Umhlanga, South Africa

In another development, FNB (First National Bank Fiduciary) at Umhlanga in South Africa, has also (finally) launched a so-called investigation into the interference in my late mother’s estate – perpetrated by Miszewski. FNB Fiduciary Umhlanga are the executors of my mother’s estate.

They have, since her death in 2021, failed to heed my written and verbal warnings, some of which were copied to a third party, about his interference in her estate. Miszewski’s cyber interference, his removal of an investment policy from the network of financial services group Sanlam, his removal of the title deeds of her retirement property from the Durban Deeds Office, his hacking of the IT network at FNB to remove administrative files and remove some creditors, yip that’s correct remove some creditors, were all done to cause delays, erode the value of the estate and prevent me accessing funds that I need. Two of the creditors he removed, Hashmed Pharmacy and Joyce Morton Physiotherapy, both in Durban, have never been paid despite the fact that I have repeatedly pointed this out to FNB Fiduciary. The two creditors were particularly kind to my late mother.

Following a phone call from FNB Fiduciary Estate Administrator Shannon Pillay, on 15 September 2023 I received an email from her requiring me to complete a form (again) titled Estate and Beneficiary Information, and re-submit it via courier, at my expense, more than two years after my mother’s passing on 21 April 2021. I had previously completed the form and submitted it to them with all the other relevant documentation, certified certificates and creditors and a covering letter dated 5 June 2021. The package of documents was sent from Johannesburg by DHL on 5 June 2021 to FNB Fiduciary’s Umhlanga offices and was received, and signed for by them, on 7 June 2021. Miszewski had removed the Estate and Beneficiary Information form from FNB Fiduciary’s network. Shannon Pillay told me they “couldn’t find” the form. That’s because Miszewski had removed it, along with other files.

Miszewski also removed the details of the sale of her retirement property from the Tyson Properties website and tampered with its description on the Harcourts property website to render it less relevant and less appealing to senior citizen buyers. His erosion of the value of my late Mom’s estate is part of a bigger agenda to destroy me financially, other elements of which are detailed in previous blog posts. The so-called investigation at FNB Fiduciary is being led by Client Service Manager, Nicholas Mitchell. Whether the investigation leads to a restoration of the value of the estate at the time of my mother’s death, or any kind of financial compensation to me or administrative benefits, remains to be seen.

The negligence and incompetence of the Umhlanga branch of First National Bank (FNB) Fiduciary has been staggering.


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