PART EIGHT, 25 March 2024

Queensland Cyber Police (Finally) Investigating my Case – Australia

As of 8 March 2024, the Queensland Cyber Police in Brisbane, Australia, are (finally) investigating my case against South African businessman and tech entrepreneur, Andy Miszewski. The investigation is being led by Detective Senior Constable, Nial Hassell. Miszewski lives in Cape Town.

What prompted the Queensland Cyber Police to finally investigate my case? I am unsure. It could be:

1. Due to my persistence, my repeated emails, phone calls and letters to the Office of the Queensland Minister for Police, Mark Ryan, and to the Queensland Cyber Police.

2. Due to the fact the Queensland Labor Government is under threat of losing the state in the next elections as a result of failing to deal with youth crime and crimes against women. There is a very awful, tragic case involving a woman called Kelly Wilkinson whose estranged husband beat her up, tied her to a washing line and set her on fire. She died. Kelly Wilkinson had restraining orders against him and on three occasions went to three different police stations on the Gold Coast, Queensland, to seek help. She was rebuffed, was said to be “cop-shopping” which she was doing to try and get help. Understandably, there has been massive public outrage.

3. Due to the severity of Andy Miszewski’s cybercrimes including cyber sabotage to the equipment and operations at the Maroochydore Public Library and QScan Radiology Maroochydore, both of which are detailed in Part Seven of this blog. 

4. Due to the interest shown in my case by a leading TV producer in the United Kingdom who produces true crime and injustice series for the BBC and ITV.

5. Due to other possible factors of which I am unaware.

Whatever the reason, I am extremely grateful it is now being investigated.

If a police team courtesy of Interpol turns up on Miszewski’s doorstep in Cape Town or at one of the companies he owns such as 1-grid, https: an Internet hosting company where his colleagues and staff are familiar with, and knowledgeable about his cybercrimes, that would be a positive step towards ending my ordeal. Similarly, if a TV crew filming a specially commissioned programme about my case turns up on his doorstep and at one or more of his companies that too would be a positive step towards ending my ordeal. And if it’s both, the police and a TV crew, well, that would be doubly beneficial.

FNB Fiduciary, Umhlanga, South Africa

In another surprise development, FNB (First National Bank Fiduciary) at Umhlanga in South Africa, has also (finally) launched an investigation into the interference in my late mother’s estate – perpetrated by Miszewski. FNB Fiduciary are the executors of my mother’s estate. Miszewski’s cyber interference, his removal of an investment policy from Sanlam’s network, his removal of the title deeds of her retirement property from the Durban Deeds Office, his hacking of the IT network at FNB to remove files and remove some creditors, yip that’s correct remove some creditors, were all done to cause delays, erode the value of the estate and prevent me accessing funds that I need. The two creditors he removed had been particularly kind to my late mother. He also removed the details of the sale of her retirement property from the Tyson Properties website and tampered with its description on the Harcourts website to render it less relevant and less appealing to senior citizen buyers. His erosion of the value of my late Mom’s estate is part of a bigger agenda to destroy me financially, other elements of which are detailed in previous blog posts. The investigation at FNB Fiduciary is being led by Client Service Manager, Nicholas Mitchell, who has a legal background. Whether the investigation leads to a restoration of the value of the estate at the time of my mother’s death, or any kind of financial compensation to me or administrative benefits, remains to be seen.


Currently if you copy and paste my blog link into your computer it will bring up my blog. Currently I am unable to embed it on this blog post due to Miszewski’s interference:

If you type keywords such as my name Cynthia Walley plus My 24 Year Stalking Hell into search engines such as Bing and Yahoo for example it brings up my blog. Currently, with Google it seems not to. He has put some kind of blocker on my laptop or the blog software. Plus Miszewski has linked a legitimate Outlook email address I have to a bogus Gmail account he has created cy*****