PART SEVEN, 11 Jan 2024

This post includes some of Cape Town-based businessman and tech entrepreneur, Andy Miszewski’s, most recent cybercrimes, originating from him in South Africa, with effect, physical damage and financial consequences for me as well as companies and Government entities in Australia and South Africa.

Before you continue reading further, please consider the following:

  1. Miszewski is a creature of habit: he rises at 6am every morning and he hosts face-to-face meetings with the managers of his businesses every Monday in Cape Town.
  2. Miszewski has a tapping device on and is hacked into my Australian mobile phone, he is hacked into the network of my mobile phone operator Telstra, he is hacked into my laptop and the public computers I make use of through library and student memberships, and he has a tracking device on my movements by car. Has he done this through Wifi? He is a master at hacking Wifi to carry out crimes.
  3. Miszewski’s cybercrimes have reached new levels of bizarreness and severity.

Sabotage at the Maroochydore Library, Sunshine Coast, Australia

IOL the Independent Online, a news website published by the Independent Media Group in South Africa, has terminated its media partnership with 1-grid, the Cape-based, web hosting company owned by Andy Miszewski. This step was taken due to his ongoing campaign of cybercrimes against me, my family and friends and South African and Australian companies with which I engage, some of which are detailed in this blog.

On Friday 1 December 2023, IOL served notification of termination of the media partnership with his company 1-grid. On Saturday, 2 December 2023 upon rising at his usual 6am timeslot, Andy Miszewski opened and read the email from IOL terminating the media partnership between IOL and 1-grid. At the corresponding time on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia where I live (we are eight hours ahead), through his hacking of the Maroochydore Library network where I am an avid member, he deliberately caused physical damage to an operational part of the lift rendering it out-of-order. I am an avid user of the library and its many facilities; as I wear a prosthetic on my left foot, I use the lift to access the upper level. However, I can and do scale flights of stairs with alacrity, courtesy of a very good prosthetic. An elderly man was not so fortunate, he got stuck in the lift at the time of the crime. Miszewski’s sabotage of the lift has meant that scores of Maroochydore library members with disability challenges have been unable to access the upper level and it has financial implications for the facility which is operated by the Sunshine Coast Council.

The ground floor of the Maroochydore Library.

The upper floor of the Maroochydore Library.

Miszewski’s sabotage at the Maroochydore Library was retaliation for the termination of the media partnership by IOL. This is not the first time Miszewski has carried out sabotage at the Maroochydore Library. One of his earlier criminal tactics is included in Part Two of this blog.

The Run-up to the Library Sabotage

Thomas Vollrath, CEO of 1-grid, and the man responsible for its day-to-day operations, had cautioned Miszewski about the impact of IOL terminating their partnership. How do I know? Well, I don’t know for sure, but during November 2023, every Monday (the day Miszewski routinely meets with the managers of his companies including Vollrath) I received harassing emails from Miszewski around 8.25pm and 9.25pm my time in Australia, which corresponds with local Cape Town times, 12.25pm and 1.25pm. Whoever his meetings were with and whatever the issues discussed, they angered Miszewski, triggering the harassing emails to me afterwards.

The priority for Andy Miszewski is to continue his relentless cybercrime and cyberstalking campaign against me – even if it leads to the demise of 1-grid and the loss of jobs for its 40-plus staff.

1-grid | Cape Town | Facebook

More Sabotage by Miszewski

Miszewski’s retaliation for the IOL email, terminating their partnership, was not limited to sabotage at the Maroochydore Library. It extended to causing deliberate damage to the X-ray equipment at QScan Maroochydore, a radiology clinic where I was booked to have a chest X-ray.

On 15 December I had an appointment with my GP, Dr Stemmet, at Nambour Heights Family Medical Practice* on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, during which she gave me a script for a chest X-Ray. QScan was one of the facilities she recommended.

On 18 December I made an appointment telephonically with QScan in Maroochydore, on the Sunshine Coast, for the chest X-ray. An appointment was confirmed for the following day. When I turned up for the appointment on the morning of 19 December, the receptionist advised me the X-ray machine was out of order. Only the X-ray machine was out of order, all the other equipment at the facility was functioning perfectly. The damage was the result of Miszewski’s criminal handiwork. Sabotage. QScan has lost bookings and has had to contend with repair costs.

*Miszewski has a history of interfering in my bookings with medical practitioners and my treatments for medical problems – in Australia and in South Africa. Prior to a consultation with my GP, Dr Stemmet, on 3 October, Miszewski hacked the practice’s network to change the default on my regular prescriptions from one plus five repeats to one plus one, causing me, and the practice, the inconvenience of organising another script. After my 5 December consultation he hacked the medical practice’s network, removing the automatic recall on their system to advise me about the results of blood tests, and potentially set up a date for a further consultation. These are what I call his regular, ” bread and butter” tactics. Miszewski is 65 years old.

Destroying Me, Financially

In my previous post, Part Six, I reported on Miszewski’s removal of the listing of the retirement property I inherited from my Mom off the website of Tyson Properties, a South African real estate company. It subsequently emerged that he also tampered with the listing on the Harcourts website, by changing the property description to make it less attractive to potential, senior citizen buyers. He did this by amending the shower feature to a bath and removed mentions of the overhead fans in the rooms – essential for comfortable living in Durban’s hot, humid climate. He has been intent on eroding the value of my late mother’s estate and he has achieved that, aided by the fact that the executor, First National Bank Fiduciary in Umhlanga, South Africa, has continuously failed to heed my cautions about his hacking their network and removing files and his disruptions to cause intentional delays and costs. (More extensive details are included in Part Four.) Miszewski’s interference in her estate has been part of a wider effort to cripple me financially which he has carried out by: interfering in my job application processes; preventing me from earning money even on a casual basis by blocking and intercepting my emails and phone calls to relevant individuals; by hacking my profile on government sites to prevent me accessing benefits and by adding services to my bank accounts to increase my monthly fees. These are only some of his tactics.

During the Past Five Days…

Andy Miszewski has hacked the gmail account at which I receive responses to job applications; he has hacked my profile on the Queensland Smart Jobs website to prevent me changing my registered email address – and then reversed that hacking. Through hacking my Wifi at home he has blocked my mobile phone from recharging; I turned off the Wifi connection and began using mobile data. Over the past few days, through hacking the Wifi at home he has also interfered with the sound on my TV and changed the times on two wall clocks, two of his “bread and butter” tactics. Plus, he blocked my emails to the Australian web company that hosts this blog to prevent me from renewing my domain name; I managed to do so via another route.

My Ordeal

When Andy Miszewski and I dated, a very long time ago, I was keener on him, than he on me. He was uninterested in commitment, and I moved on. He got it in his head that I had wronged him and began punishing me by stalking me, intermittently from 1993 and continuously from mid-2000. In tandem with his acquisition of, and establishment of, technology companies such as 1-grid and Webafrica , and his ownership of Skywork Aviation, has been his foray into cybercrimes and the implementation of ongoing tactics against me.

If he could have killed me or had me killed while I was living in South Africa – and got away with it- he would have done so. However, despite his significant wealth, his underworld connections and the demise of the police and justice systems in South Africa he probably would not have got away with it. There is too much of a trail back to him.

His tactics against my family and friends have been perpetrated to attempt to isolate me socially from them. Being connected to me carries a high risk for them of coming within his sights and consequently his criminal actions, ranging from the hacking of their devices to the destruction of their property. Instead of killing me, or having me murdered, Miszewski embarked on, and has continued, an obsessive and relentless campaign of cybercrimes, physical crimes and abuse against me, my family and friends, and companies with which I engage. It has been designed to make my existence unbearable and untenable and to drive me to the point of desperation where I take my own life, commit suicide. It is nothing short of attempted murder.

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