PART SIX, 4 Dec 2023

Cape Town businessman and tech entrepreneur, Andy Miszewski, hacks Pickfords Removals, Pam Golding Properties and Tyson Properties, South Africa

Pickfords/Allied Removals

On 21 November last year Pickfords packed up my 1/3 container of household goods at my then-home in Johannesburg, South Africa for shipment to Brisbane, Australia. In the preceding days I struggled to email through the required signed contract and had a telephone conversation with Colleen Barnes, Internal Sales Executive at Pickfords in Johannesburg about the matter. It was Miszewski’s handiwork. On 27 January 2023 I received an email from Pickfords, requesting payment for the shipment to Brisbane. I made the payment on 30 January 2023, and received confirmation of receipt of payment from Pickfords on 31 January 2023.

Following a phone call with Colleen Barnes, on 10 March 2023 I sent her and her colleague Alicia Nxumalo an email cautioning them about Miszewski, even included a link to this blog. On 14 March 2023, as requested by Pickfords, I submitted to them the required Australian Government documentation for unaccompanied effects. Colleen kindly provided me with her mobile number which has since disappeared from my contacts, ditto that of her colleague Jacques Grobelar – although they will probably reappear. Following an email I sent querying shipment information on 19 May 2023, I received a response the same day from Alicia Nxumalo and Colleen Barnes, advising me they did not have enough volume to fill the container.

I had not heard from Pickfords since 19 May 2023 – but I have for the past six months received a steady stream of emails about Harbor Freight and Shipment Pending (unrelated to Pickfords) in my inbox, not in spam. They were “clues” from Miszewski about his interference in Pickfords (blocking my shipment). He is big on “clues” to promote his criminal handiwork. I did not react. On 13 November 2023 I received an email from the address of Nothando Ncube with an attachment. See the images below. The attached, nonsensical, shipping details are his way of providing “clues” about his interference, hacking to block the shipment of my effects. Please see the images i.e. Mr Cynthia Walley, shipping to Cape Town as opposed to Brisbane, the shipment date and arrival date – 03/10/2023 arriving approximately 24/12/2023- when in fact the container has not yet shipped etc. I received a second email on 21 November 2023 with three attachments, including a repeat of the nonsensical Allied Pickfords shipping details, on the company’s letterhead.

In the same way that First National Bank Fiduciary, in Umhlanga, South Africa failed to heed my caution about Miszewski hacking their network to erode the value of, and prevent, the wrapping up of my late mother’s estate (My blog Part Four), Pickfords has also failed to heed my warnings. The reality is that a) most people don’t listen and b) the convoluted fashion Miszewski goes about implementing his cybercrimes are beyond the life experience of most people – until they have had a first-hand taste, although in the case of First National Bank Fiduciary at Umhlanga they have had repeated warnings which they have failed to heed and which have eroded the value of my mother’s estate (Miszewski’s goal).

One year on and my household goods are yet to arrive in Brisbane, Australia even though I paid 11 months ago. Plus, there will now be further delays due to genuine problems at South African ports. When my container does finally ship, it will leave South Africa from the Port of Coega, 20 km north-east of Port Elizabeth.

In between his first nonsensical email supposedly from Pickfords, and the second, and frustrated at my non-reaction, Miszewski extended his criminal attention from removals to real estate….

Pam Golding Properties and Tyson Properties

Andy Miszewski owns a significant real estate portfolio. He has previously been a client of Pam Golding Properties, arguably South Africa’s leading company in that sector. I do not know if he is currently a client. I inherited a retirement property in Durban from my late mother and assigned it to an agent at the Ushaka branch of Tyson Properties to sell. The company is a reputable, ever-growing South African realtor.

On 15 November 2023 I received an email about Pam Golding Properties taking over the management of the Ushaka branch of Tyson Properties in Durban, sent from the email of Bernadette Villet at Pam Golding Properties in Durban. See the image below, which contains the introductory paragraph of the two-page mail-out.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pamg1-1024x787.jpeg

On 27 November I received an email in the name of Siphokazi Xaba from Pam Golding Properties

Please see the image below. The text reads: Good day MRS WALLEY. My name is Siphokazi Xaba from Pam Golding Properties. I tried calling your cellphone number but unfortunately it was on voicemail. I was calling to let you know that MR HERBERT from Tyson Properties have handed over your property to me for Future Marketing and also to let you know that Tyson Properties Ushaka branch have moved to Pam Golding Properties. For any queries, please feel free to contact me on 0659716407/0313323458. And the “clue” inherent in all of this convoluted, bizarre activity? Miszewski has hacked the Tyson Properties website and removed details about the retirement property I own, inherited from my mother, from the sales listings section of the Tyson Properties site. However, on publication of this blog post he may well reinstate it!

  • Miszewski’s hacking of the networks and systems of Pickfords Allied Removals, his hacking of emails at Pam Golding Properties and his hacking and removal of sales listing information from the Tyson Properties website, are among his most recent cyber crimes against me and South African companies. This blog post does not include his recent cybercrimes against Australian companies and/or developments. Hacking Wifi (mine at home) and that of Australian companies with which I engage remains a key criminal tactic. Via my home Wifi, he has installed a tracking mechanism on my car key to keep tabs on my movements, including to the Queensland Police about my case. He regularly hacks my home Wifi to distort my TV’s audio, to “re-wind” two battery-operated wall clocks and to switch on the stove.
  • Andy Miszewski has previously hacked SARS (the South African Revenue Service).

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