PART FIVE,8 Aug 2023 -plus update 5 Oct 2023

Did Andy Miszewski Cause the Fire at a Friend’s Townhouse?

On 3 December 2022, friend Robin Welch’s townhouse in Johannesburg, South Africa, burnt down. The cause of the fire was electrical and originated at a power plug point. His was the only property in the complex that burnt down. It is well documented that hackers can and do cause fires. One method is through Wifi, by hacking Wifi passwords and overloading electricity supply to power points. Coincidentally, or not-so-coincidentally, on the previous day, 2 December 2022, during my more than 12-hour layover in a Qatar Airways transit lounge in Doha (en route to Brisbane, Australia) I googled and researched information about pitching my stalking and cyber stalking ordeal to Netflix, with keywords such as: pitching scripts, pitching productions, contacting Netflix, top Netflix documentaries, popular Netflix series and other key word searches. Coincidentally or not-so-coincidentally, I conducted all my searches on my South African MTN mobile number, Samsung handset, into which Miszewski was hacked.

I had previously communicated with Robin Welch about exploring potential Netflix interest in my cyber stalking and cyber crime ordeal. Robin is an international TV sales and broadcast rights executive – with access to contacts in the industry. He, like many of my friends, as stated in my initial blog post, has been subjected to email interference by Miszewski, and in Robin’s case, also subjected to hang-up phone calls to his landline late at night.

As reported in my initial blog post, Miszewski interfered with the electrical power plug points, my TV signal and the functioning of the electronic gates to my home in Johannesburg, South Africa.

As reported in my initial blog post and in Part Two, he has interfered with the Wifi at my home in Australia, disrupting TV streaming, and in another incident causing a more than two-hour electricity outage at my home and that of neighbouring houses. More recently, he caused a 15-minute electricity outage at my home on 19 July 2023, coincidentally or not-so-coincidentally to prevent me from participating in a planned Zoom call on site at home, and on 26 July 2023 “switched on” the stove at my home – coincidentally, or not-so-coincidentally, after the threat (to him) of further public exposure of his criminal handiwork, beyond this blog.

I have previously reported the Robin Welch townhouse fire incident as background information to the Queensland Cyber Police, to place it in consideration context of the cyber crimes Andy Miszewski is implementing in Australia – against me personally and against Australian Government institutions and private companies.

The American website,, details some of the weird and dangerous ways the misuse of cyber surveillance can be used, and is used, by stalkers, including interference with cars, domestic appliances and plug points. Please click on the link below to open it.

Abuse Using Technology |

Miszewski’s Accountants, Horwath Zeller Karro

The South African firm of Horwath Zeller Karro, a member of Crowe International, are Andy Miszewski’s long-standing accountants. Last year, his long-standing attorneys, Cape Town firm Bernadt Vukic Potash & Getz (BVPG) fired him as a client. Given Miszewski’s long list of physical and cyber crimes, including cyber fraud, as detailed in Part Four, will Horwath Zeller Karro stick with him – or fire him/let him go/ terminate him as a client?

Thomas Vollrath

You will not find cybercriminal, Andy Miszewski, publicly connected with most of the companies he owns, the exception being food importing company Riveroak Trading located in Cape Town, South Africa.

In the case of 1-grid,  the Cape-based webhosting company Miszewski owns, and through which he is committing some of his cyber crimes, the head Thomas Vollrath, is the public face and spokesperson for the company.

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The ubiquitous Thomas Vollrath is something of a media hound, is quoted everywhere, espousing his views on website and tech issues including, ironically, on cyber crimes  – all when his boss Miszewski has a long track record of cyber crimes! You can read Vollrath’s expert views on cyber crimes on the South African online business magazine, BBrief. Below is the link:

SMEs vulnerable to cyber attacks – bbrief

Currently Miszewski is being investigated for cyber fraud on my mother’s estate in South Africa by First National Bank Fiduciary, being led by KwaZulu-Natal head, Douglas Arthur, and for cyber crimes in Australia by the Queensland Cyber Police. These are for cyber crimes against me and Australian Government institutions and companies with which I engage, all originating from Miszewski in South Africa.

Thomas Vollrath and Miszewski go back a long way. He knows the (criminal) beast that is Miszewski.

Unlike Vollrath, until recently, the media partners that collaborate with 1-grid would probably not have known about Andy Miszewski’s campaign of cyber crime.  At least five media partners now do know they are collaborating with a company whose owner is a major cybercriminal, who is being investigated in both South Africa and Australia. The South African media companies partnering with 1-grid include:

Independent Newspapers/ Independent Online IOL


Although the South African company, Bizcommunity, was listed as a Media Partner of 1-grid at the time of this blog posting, on 8 January 2024 I learnt directly from Bizcommunity CEO, Andre Rademan, that Bizcommunity has never had a media partnership with 1-grid.


NSBC Africa

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The Mindset of a Cyber Criminal

Andy Miszewski does not seem to care if his criminal actions cause his webhosting company 1-grid to go out of business and for its 50 employees to join the ranks of the unemployed. Continuing with his campaign of cyber stalking and other cyber crimes supersedes everything.


Queensland TAFE

On 18 August 2023 Andy Miszewski hacked and disabled the Wifi at the practice of Dr James Orford on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. He did not do this because am a patient there. He did this because the practice manager is my lecturer in a Queensland TAFE course I am studying and I had emailed her a query on an assignment. The absence of Wifi meant she could not access her email, could not respond to me and it meant I could not submit my assignment on deadline. In the process, Miszewski disrupted a busy medical practice for an entire day, all to prevent me from completing and submitting my TAFE assignment on time.

Miszewski has interfered with my registration to study at TAFE and has ongoingly interfered with my connection to TAFE ZOOM lectures by blocking my video – and then re-instating it, by removing my assignment submissions – and then reinstating them, by removing my lecture notes – and then reinstating them on TAFE CONNECT, a web-based, learning management system.

Mobile Phone Handset Tampering

On Saturday 1 October 2023 Miszewski blocked my mobile handset from recharging, the same tactic he implemented when I was in hospital in August last year. Three days on and the handset is now completely dead; the phone no longer functions. I have inserted the SIM card into an old handset and can currently make and receive phone calls and send and receive SMSes but I have no WhatsApp access. I have applied for a link to re-set it.

Real-time Surveillance

Given the timings of some of Miszewski’s criminal activities such as listening in to my phone conversations in real time, interventions with my Wifi and TV streaming, and interference in my TAFE ZOOM lectures, the device/s from which he is originating his cybercrimes must be permanently attached to him. He must sleep with them at his side!

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