PART FOUR,9 July 2023

For two years I have cautioned FNB Fiduciary, Umhlanga in South Africa about cybercriminal Andy Miszewski’s interference in my mother’s estate through hacking their network. These include cautionary emails and phone conversations with FNB Fiduciary executives including Devania Naidoo, estate administrator; Yasmin Basha, estate manager; Douglas Arthur, the head of FNB Fiduciary in KwaZulu-Natal; and Shannon Pillay, estate administrator. FNB are the executors of my late mother’s estate. I am the sole beneficiary.

Miszewski has removed legitimate creditors from the Liquidation and Distribution account and/or previously removed them from FNB’s network. Yip, he has removed creditors! His aim would have been either: 1. to see if I picked up his criminal handiwork or 2. to see if having picked it up whether I report it to FNB because it will obviously diminish the cash component of the estate paid to me or 3. count on me reporting it to FNB to further protract the winding up the estate and delay the asset/cash settlements to me. It’s cash I need.

Miszewski’s earlier interferences in the estate are covered in my initial blog posting, uploaded 3 February 2023, criminal acts that I brought to the attention of Devania Naidoo and her superiors at FNB Fiduciary in 2021. FNB Fiduciary has continuously failed to heed my advice and warnings about Miszewski’s criminal criminal activities to the detriment of the estate – which has been his goal.

Two of the legitimate creditors that Miszewski has removed, Hashmed Pharmacy and Joyce Morton Physiotherapy, both in Durban, were particularly kind to my late mother.

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