PART THREE, 8 June 2023

The Arrogance of a Cyber Criminal

On Wednesday 7 June 2023 cybercriminal, Andy Miszewski, used the identity, photo, and email address of Gail Canovi to send me a 10-line, threatening email in Australia where I live. Gail Canovi and Michael Wall are the owners of Mistico Equestrian Centre in Paarl, South Africa. If Canovi and Wall’s new website ,  currently under construction, is being built by Miszewski’s Internet company 1-grid it means he has used a client’s identity and email address to perpetrate a cybercrime against me, plus in the process he has committed a cybercrime against her. This would not be the first time Andy Miszewski has implemented this tactic. Previously he used the 087 prefix VOIP telephone numbers of the clients of ISP Webafrica to make harassing phone calls to me and to send me harassing texts. Andy Miszewski is a major shareholder in Webafrica and a director of the company. VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) allows for calls to be made via your Internet connection rather than traditional phone lines.        

I would like to reiterate that Gail Canovi did not send me the threatening email below. Andy Miszewski used her identity and hacked her email address to send me the threat. I have blotted out some bits for confidentiality reasons. The email, ostensibly from her, but actually Miszewski’s criminal handiwork, also included additional email signature information such as her PO Box postal details which I have omitted.

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