PART TWO, 6 June 2023

My case against wealthy South African businessman, Andy Miszewski, is currently with the Australian Cyber Police. Miszewski divides his time between Cape Town, the luxury Val de Vie lifestyle estate in Paarl in the heart of wine country where he and his family spend weekends, and Plettenberg Bay.

The Head of the Australian Cyber Security Centre, Abigail Bradshaw; the Director General of the Australian Signals Directorate, Rachel Noble; and the Queensland State Minister for Police, Mark Ryan, are familiar with my case against Miszewski.

Key Features

Miszewski is focused on preventing me from securing a full-time job, from earning money even in a casual role, and from accessing funds and benefits due to me and/or which I need for living expenses.

In addition, he is currently obsessed about gaining knowledge on and accessing information about investigations into his cybercrimes. His hacking of devices is widespread and currently spans, at the very least, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

He has what I call “trigger” reactions which lead to a repetition of crimes he has previously committed, plus the addition of new tactics. These “trigger” reactions are often caused by a) being blocked access to potentially incriminatory evidence against him and the processes being followed and b) the negative impact that the exposure about his cyber and physical crimes has on his business and social life. The exposure about his longstanding and ongoing tirade of crime is being communicated not only via this blog, but also by word of mouth, particularly in Cape Town, the city in which he is based. People talk.

April 2023, May 2023

  • 19-21 April 2023 Miszewski’s three country, multi-pronged tactic. During a WhatsApp phone call on 19 April 2023 with my friend Liz Parker who lives in New Zealand, she mentioned she was sending me an Easter present by post. Miszewski has a tapping mechanism on my mobile phone. “Post” was the trigger for his anger and reaction; “post” equals information (potentially about him and my case) that he cannot hack, he can’t access, provided it is handwritten and not typed up on a device which he can hack. His response? He flooded Liz’s mobile phone with photos that had previously been stored on my mobile phone, he removed the images and sound from one of my favourite Australian TV streaming services called Stan by hacking the Wifi, and he orchestrated the poisoning of Parks, one of my two cats, adopted by and living with my cousin, in South Africa. The poisoning took place at her home in South Africa and was severe, requiring an emergency visit to her vet, treatment, and medication. Parks recovered. These incidents, including the disruption to streaming service Stan, took place while I was housesitting on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Miszewski had previously interfered with email communications between the owner and me, had previously hacked the owner’s devices, as a result, interrupting their Stan streaming service was easy work for the seasoned cyber-criminal.
  • 27 April 2023 The Sunshine Coast Library IT Network, eight site branches plus mobile branches. I am a library member, mostly I use the Maroochydore branch on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland; Miszewski had previously hacked my membership on the library network before the incident I am about to describe. I am also an agent in Australasia for a European film and TV rights sales company. The libraries on the Sunshine Coast are all equipped with public computers connected to onsite Xerox copier printing machines providing inexpensive printing services. I had intended to print out a copy of the TV catalogue to send to a TV channel in the region. Miszewski knew this was my intended plan, courtesy of his hacking of my email. It would have been an opportunity for me to earn income. To impede me and having hacked the IT network of the library circuit, he destroyed the connections from the onsite computers to the Xerox copiers – at all eight library branches. The Xerox copier printers did not function for more than two weeks while repairs took place. Miszewski has subsequently blocked my emails and phone calls to the TV executive.
  • 24 May 2023 Miszewski hacked the Wifi at my home and through the surge on my Google Chromecast remote caused an electricity power failure for two hours, not only at my home but also at adjacent houses in the street where I live. The remote lit up like a Christmas tree moments before the incident.
  • 31 May 2023 Miszewski set up a bogus Microsoft email account using my personal details enabling him to link to, and hack, my legitimate email accounts. Please see the photo. I suspect the two missing alphabet letters could be: nn, cynny being a name some family members and friends call me.
  • April and May, Job website, I am registered and have a closed profile on job site: On 10 separate days during April and May Miszewski bombarded me with emails on all 10 of those days, ostensibly from employers registered on the site, recommending me to apply for positions they had advertised. It was bogus. The avalanche of emails I received on each of the days arrived at exactly 4pm every day. He had set it up on a timer. I am unsure what the trigger for this action was. (Earlier this year the deletion of an email, ostensibly from a recruiter I was communicating with about a job, but in reality Miszewski’s handiwork, caused the demise of my then laptop, the laptop on which I had accessed it.)

  • During the period under review, he has frequently sent me bogus SMSes advising me there is a temporary ban on my access to services and accounts I use.  It’ was all his rubbish. He has also hacked Australian mobile phone numbers with which to make harassing calls to me.

The details listed above are but some of the crimes Miszewski has perpetrated during the time period under review. It is also an edited account of the discoveries and developments that have taken place. It is however indicative of the range and extent of his crimes that now span multi countries and of how a 64-year-old man seemingly gets his jollies.

Will his reaction about the exposure of some of his recent crimes lead to: another cat poisoning tactic at my cousin’s home in South Africa, orchestrated by him, carried out by a henchman? Will my friends, living around the world, be plagued with email problems in the coming week? Will friends living in South Africa wake up to discover the physical destruction of their property, orchestrated by him?

South Africa is a beautiful country crippled by a pandemic of crime, some of which is driven by economic hardship – although not in Miszewski’s case. He is a billionaire. His motivation, his vendetta of physical and cybercrimes, is based on only he knows what. Please see the section: Why is Miszewski Stalking Me in my initial blog post on this site.

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